Iron Stand with Wheels and Brake Function


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The idea for this product originated from three men from common families. The whole story was sparked by a few safety accidents caused by the falling of traditional heavy mirrors, some of which involved little children. Our three hosts discussed this issue over dinner and they all detested it thoroughly and one of them raised a question “Why can we not develop a kind of glassless mirror which is lightweight, shatterproof, and eco-friendly?” Out of the responsibility as fathers and to avoid this kind of accident from happening again, they set out to do the research and development of glassless mirrors in 2015.

Like all the pioneers, there were a lot of challenges and frustration at the beginning, for example, the reflectivity and the user experience were not so satisfactory initially. When the team was at a loss, tragedies kept coming, a six-year-old girl lost her life due to the falling of a three-meter-high mirror in a Shanghai mall, and another one happened in Singapore Changi Airport soon after and the victim was a little girl of only 18 months.

These two tragedies inspired a strong sense of social responsibility in the team again and they finally developed a lightweight, shatterproof, and eco-friendly glassless mirror in 2019 after overcoming various difficulties with materials and techniques through continuous research and experiments.

Using ultra-thin polymer mirror film of only 0.04mm thickness and under the special techniques developed by Brisafe, the team developed a truly shatterproof glassless mirror with great reflection. The reflection of this mirror is much better than that of the traditional mirror, besides, it is much lighter and safer.

Brisafe's glassless mirror was specially made for family use, It also represents the ease of parents and adults knowing that the children are safe. Adhering to the principle of “lightweight, shatterproof, and eco-friendly”, our team has never forgotten its original intention and always forges ahead to create more beauty and comfort for our users and the people who are keen on the joy of life.

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